I'm yet another high schooler that is interested in programming. I'm from Türkiye 🇹🇷.

I primarily use Rust and also know quite a bit of Python, Nix, Nushell, a little bit of Java, Kotlin, Go, and JavaScript (No frameworks, though!).

I created this site using Lume. It is served by Nginx on my small VPS that runs NixOS.

I also host other services like Synapse (Matrix homeserver), Forgejo, Nextcloud and Grafana on the VPS, which are all configured using Nix.

Historically, this blog was made using Rust, Axum, Maud and a bunch of other neat crates (some which I created, like embd-rs, which sped up development). But I decided to abandon this strategy as I was reinventing too much for just a simple static website. Development was also really slow on a i5 from 2015 so I decided to ditch it and use Lume.

Here is the up to date GitHub repository for said site, and here is the historical version written in Rust.